DNA Cousins

I have had good luck testing my DNA. A little bit too much luck, as a matter of fact, with well over a thousand cousins on each of the two services I used! Southern genealogy is even more complicated than I thought it would be.

I have on occasion been matched with a second or third cousin to either myself or my grandmother and been able to figure out the connection. Sometimes this can be very helpful to my research. If you think you may be related to us, feel free to look me up on Ancestry.com (kbmidura) or Family Tree DNA (Kelly Bembry Midura).


2 thoughts on “DNA Cousins

  1. From Wayne Lanier… see also my brother John, who actually knows much more about the ancestry back to Nicholas Lanier, the Elder, and wife Lucritia Bassano.

    Direct descendent Lanier males [Y-crm] carry a SNP directly traceable to Sephardic ancestors, although we have no history prior to Nicholas the Elder. My brother, sister, and I also carry a mitochondrial SNP directly traceable to Ashkenazim ancestors.

    You assumption about the Bassano family is probably correct. Bassano is a “village name”. Sephardim, traveling as “Conversos” to Italy often took the name of the village in which they settled. The village of Bassano de Grappa produced a very large number of musicians and instrument makers, apparently all related. Anthony Bassano was employed in the Court of the Doge of Venice, but had several sons who emigrated to England at the time of Henry VIII. At that time jews were forbidden to reside in England, so had to “convert”. The most famous of the Bassano musicians was Giovanni, who was the grandson of Anthony.

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