Will of John Gregory 1843

Crittenden County, Kentucky, 1843

I, John Gregory…in perfect health…being desirous to settle my worldly affairs & thereby be better prepared to leave this world…after my debts are paid, I give, bequeath & devise unto my beloved wife Rachel, all of my property but she is not to sell or dispose of any of the land or negroes or hire any of the negroes out of the county.

I have already advanced $190 to my son John D. Gregory & expect to be subjected to about $100 costs through his instrumentality which will make $290.

I have advanced to Greenbury Jacobs who married my daughter Rachel, $190.

I have already advanced $168 to Jonathan Duncan, who married my daughter Elizabeth.

I have already advanced to Thomas Lee, who married my daughter Sally, $190 & I furthermore expect to be subjected to an expense of $15 through his agency.

I have advanced Silas Stone, who married my daughter Miriam, $112 & also expect to be subjected to an expense by him of $25.

But to son Robert Gregory & Asa Stone, who married my daughter Rebecca, & to James Cannon, who married my daughter Rhoda, I have made no advancements.

Wishing all children to stand upon equal footing…I hereby direct that out of such property as my wife shall leave at her death or as she shall possess at the time of her marriage, should she again marry, advancements shall first be made to all of my children equal to the amount of $290.

Should anything be left. I wish & direct it to be equally divided among all my children.

Should the property my wife may have at her marriage or leave at her death not be sufficient to make the advancements, I wish advancements made to Robert Gregory, Asa Stone, & James Cannon until they shall be equal to those of my children who have already received advancements. Constitute & appoint whoever may be the High Sheriff of Crittenden County at the time of my death the execution of my last will & testament.

John Gregory—-

Witnesses: William B. Hickman; Will J. Dallam; S. Marble

Filed in open court 12 January 1846 for probate & continued for proof. February term 1846.

Witnesses all examined for & against Will & this writing by court rejected as John Gregory`s last Will & Testament. H.W. Bigham, clerk

Court Order Book 1, page 139, 13 July 1846

On order of John D. Gregory, Silas H. Stone, Asa Stone, Greenbury Jacobs & James Cannon, it is ordered that William Hogard, W.B. Rice, Charles Lizenbee, James Shewmaker & James Duvall be appointed commissioners to allot the dower of Rachel Gregory in & to the lands that were the property of John Gregory, dec`d, & of whom Rachel is the widow & relict.


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