Caspar Surber (Sarver) and Barbara Merkj

Casper Surber was born or baptized on 5 March 1719 in Switzerland.He married Barbara Merkj, and shortly afterwards, on 18 April 1741 left from the German-speaking parish of Schoefflisdorf in Oberwenigen (near Zurich) for “Carolina.” Caspar and Barbara may have been Mennonites or other religious dissidents such as Anabaptists, as these formed the majority of Swiss emigrants.They were certainly […]

Captain George Denison and Lady Ann Borodell

Born in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, England, George Denison arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony with his father, William Denison aboard the “Lion” in 1632 as part of the Great Migration. His father was among a group of Roxbury, Massachusetts (now part of Boston) men “disarmed” for their support of the theologian and proto-evangelist Anne Hutchinson. Captain George first married Bridget Thompson of […]

Colonel Jonathan Latimer and Lucretia Griswold

Jonathan Latimer was a descendant of the English Robert Latimer, who arrived in Boston in 1635 on the ship “Hopewell” as part of the Great Migration. Jonathan’s father (also named Jonathan Latimer) was married to Borodell Denison, Captain George Denison‘s great-granddaughter. Jonathan Latimer II was born in New London, Connecticut in 1724.The Latimers were by that time  a wealthy family, having […]

Elder William Brewster and Mary Wentworth

Born in 1560 in the town of Scrooby in Nottinghamshire, England, William Brewster married Mary Wentworth, and studied briefly at the college of Cambridge before becoming active in the movement to reform the Anglican church. His congregation eventually emigrated to the more religiously tolerant environment of Leyden, Holland, where he began publishing religious tracts that were circulated […]

Matthew Griswold and Anna Wolcott

Matthew Griswold, born about 1620 in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England (near Coventry), arrived in Massachusetts in 1639 in a group led by the Reverend John Wareham. He married Anna (or Hannah) Wolcott who born about 1620 in Tolland, Somerset, England. She arrived with her parents, Henry Wolcott and Elizabeth Saunders, on the “Mary and John” as part of the Winthrop Fleet at Nantasket, […]